Holmesglen Private

Further to your site visit recently I would like to pass on my appreciation to Nuvo in the way they have, and are, carrying out their work at the Holmesglen Private Hospital project for Cockram Construction. Whilst Nuvo have worked on many of our sites over the years, this is the first time I have personally work with them on a project.

During the tender period, Shane Walsh and Neil Holmes provided a well documented and conforming tender for the project. All follow up correspondence was replied to in a timely manner and well laid out for ease of interpretation and understanding. Where Nuvo believed there may have been a cost savings by using alternative equipment, this was passed onto the client for their consideration.

In the early stages of the project Scott McMurtrie worked very closely with the Electrical consultant, LCI, to ensure final design intent was fully understood and to further assist the Electrical consultant with information and suggestions based on Nuvo previous experience and knowledge.

Information for main equipment such as the Main Switchboard, Distribution boards, backup Generator etc. was provided for and approved early so as the procurement of this equipment could be made and delivered to site to meet the programme. Nuvo have met all milestones so far which is a excellent effort. To have permanent power available early in the project is vital. Subsequent samples for lighting, GPO’s, data outlets, nurse call, speakers etc. were also issued in a timely and well arranged manner to allow the Architect and Electrical consultants to easily approve.

Nuvo selected Matt Rackham as their Site Manager based on Matt’s previous hospital experience. Cockram have found Matt to be very polite to all Cockram staff and goes out of his way to assist in site issues that arise. Matt is very proactive in the way work is arranged on site. Nuvo took full advantage at being able to begin on site early to commence rough‐in. This not only assist Matt to be in front of the programme, but also set an example for other Contractors. Nuvo work overtime where required and carry out scheduled electrical change overs to work in with Holmesglen TAFE to ensure minimal disruption. These works are generally carried out on a Sunday.

Nuvo have a very open and honest working relationship with the ETU. This was evident with a recent site issue that could have had programme issues for Cockram in a certain area of the site. Nuvo’s advice was not to push too hard for an outcome, rather work with the ETU which Nuvo did. An amicable agreement was reach between Nuvo and the ETU which allowed work to proceed in the area without any further issue.

I look forward to working with Nuvo to complete this and many more successful projects together.

Yours Sincerely

Leon Townsend
Senior Project Manger
Cockram Construction