Epworth Radiation Oncology

Epworth Radiation Oncology is a business unit of Epworth HealthCare, Victoria's largest not for profit healthcare provider. With seven Metropolitan campuses, the newly built Epworth Geelong and the South West Regional Cancer Centre (SWRCC), Epworth offers a comprehensive range of health services including Cardiac, Cancer, Orthopaedic, Rehabilitation, Diagnostics and Maternity.

Epworth HealthCare carefully select suppliers with a strong track record within the healthcare sector who understand the specific requirements of the industry. Due to the size of Epworth and its significant electrical and technology infrastructure, the selection of highly competent suppliers is critical.

Epworth Radiation Oncology was established nearly 5 years ago with our first site at Epworth Freemasons with our second site shortly after at Epworth Richmond. Radiation Oncology uses specialist medical equipment to treat cancer using high-energy radiation generated by a Linear Accelerator. These machines are highly complex, with significant interface and radiation regulatory requirements to be delivered. We have used NUVO for all of our now 5 Linear Accelerators, in the construction of the SWRCC and other electrical board upgrades. I have found NUVO staff to be very proactive, possess great knowledge and willing to work with you around your electrical needs while understanding we are operating a clinical facility and are respectful of patients at all times. I would consider Trevor Cavanagh from NUVO the most experienced electrical contractor with our machines, and have recommended him to our supplier for other deployments.

Nuvo Group offers a total Electrical, Technology and Sustainability solution, delivering a total service to the hospital throughout the electro technology lifecycle. They have assisted us in building and maintaining assets and improve facilities’ performance through efficiency projects.

Nuvo Group is a company extremely knowledgeable in their field and a trusted supplier. Their expertise and service in the hospital industry is of high level. They are very professional in their approach to the prescribed work; their communication skills and their attentiveness to the tasks at hand is exemplary. They have always been proactive in analysing and identifying the numerous considerations required to make our projects successful.

I have found Nuvo Group to be very prompt in any request for information and accurate in their assessment of the required task. I would be more than happy to recommend their services.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Fenton
Director of Operations
Epworth Radiation Oncology