Northern Health

I would like to say thank you again to Nuvo Group for an outstanding project. It was a great experience having Nuvo on site and delivering such a successful project.

Nuvo Group was shortlisted from a select tender and then evaluated through a strict set of criteria based on past experience in successfully delivering similar critical hospital infrastructure projects. Nuvo's work in the private and public health industries was of a high significance to us and demonstrated a strong capability prior to being awarded the works. From the outset, Nuvo approached the tender process by demonstrating innovative thinking and a customer oriented approach.

Northern Health embarked on the major upgrade project to increase the Northern Hospitals power supply reliability. The works encompassed: the installation of two higher capacity generators, installation of new outdoor switchboard, replacement of electrical infrastructure including mains and submains, upgrade of main switchboard, and interfacing with existing electrical infrastructure. All works were to take place while the hospital remained operational with minimal shutdowns.

Throughout the project, Nuvo's electricians and project management team were highly knowledgeable and cognisant of the key project challenges before they arose. Their approach was well planned and smoothly delivered, keeping myself and other Northern Health staff informed throughout.

Of utmost importance to Northern Health, Nuvo's approach included a strong customer focus towards business continuity and minimising impact to hospital's operations. Critical works plans were collaboratively developed with us prior to shutdowns and any interfacing works with the existing hospital. These works plans ensured that all works had a minimal impact on staff, customers and visitors to the Northern Hospital throughout the project.

I could not envisage a better outcome for Northern Health and would like to thank the Nuvo team for all of their efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend Nuvo for further works in the Health industry as they are obvious experts in this field.

I am happy to act as a referee to discuss any part of the project or this testimonial.


Mary De Gori
Acting Director, Capital Planning and Development
Northern Health