Crown Plaza

I am pleased to recognise Nuvo's recent quality of work at one of our hotel sites, Crowne Plaza Melbourne, at the corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street in Melbourne's CBD.

Nuvo Group was engaged to execute a complex package of works to separate the electrical infrastructure of two buildings that originally shared the same land title. The project was to enable the Crowne Plaza Melbourne to exist on its own title with its own access to services such as electricity. This included the design, installation and commissioning of new substation and main switchboard on the site. As well as the complete identification and decommissioning of undocumented both live and redundant electrical circuits that criss-crossed between two large commercial buildings that were built 26 years ago

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is an operational 4.5 star hotel, fully owned by Eureka Funds Management. We required that the separation works had minimal impact on our hotel operations and that our customers would not be adversely affected by the works.

A tightly controlled programme over 18 months was planned by Nuvo. I was highly impressed with the work that Nuvo has delivered on a project that had very real risk potential to seriously impact the Hotel and its business- given that the works were on live circuits feeding the hotel in its entirety including all of its airconditioning, lighting, lifts, heating, and kitchen.

The Nuvo team worked tirelessly at the many challenges of the works package and kept my staff and I informed throughout with advance notice of any potential for impact no matter how small. I could not think of any area of improvement that Nuvo could add to the level of service during their delivery of this work.

As a representative of a high-end hotel, I strongly recommend Nuvo as an Electrical Contractor. They have given us a high level of attention to detail, quality and service that is rarely seen from an Electrical Contractor.

Best regards,

Robin Power
Director of Engineering
Intercontinental Hotels Group