Crown Melbourne Limited

Recently Crown completed a full six star upgrade of the Crown Towers which was an $60million upgrade. A group of specialists contractors were selected for this highly technical and complex project. Nuvo Solution and its business partner Corporate Intelligence were chosen from a group of echelon providers. The Nuvo-Corporate Team provided a full suite of electro-technology packages that included mains upgrades, SCADA upgrade, full dynalite installation and integration including programming of specialists technologies. The Nuvo team provided a full IP backbone for IP telephony solution and total IP TV cabling solution, Electrical, Data and Audio Visual packages.

The Nuvo-Corporate team were able to provide a fully integrated suite of product offerings into all facets of the project including technology and electrical solutions. At anyone time Nuvo had up to 50 staff on the project which included programmers, data cabling teams, dyanlite installers, LED lighting installers and specialist audio visual, data and electrical teams. The contract with Nuvo exceeded $7million and was an extremely technical project with extremely tight time frames.

A number of the technologies were cutting edge with Nuvo-Corporate providing full integration across all the disciplines including low and high level interface. As project director I followed all aspects of the projects closely. Nuvo consistently delivered an exceptional standard of service meeting all project milestones in an exemplary manner. Nuvo-Corporate managed the very tight program with comfort and had an excellent technical team and project management team fulfilled all aspects of the project.

I would recommend the Nuvo-Corporate group into projects that require specialist electrical and technology teams where numerous packages are required and where high standards are expected with key project milestones.

Greg Horn
Project Director
Crown Melbourne Limited