Construction Engineering (Aust.) Pty Ltd

As the Project Manager for Construction Engineering overseeing a complex and large project constructing a new Cabrini Hospital at Brighton we were faced with an extremely complex and tight timeframe project. We specifically selected sub contractors that had a high degree of credibility in health based projects. Nuvo came with the credentials to complete such a project. Throughout the project Nuvo operated professionally and impressively to manage all the technical facets of the project.

Nuvo Electrics delivered the Cabrini Hospital project on-time and on-budget. The project was a multi - million dollar electrical, data, AV and specialists medical electrical works. It was a highly technical project including some of the most state of the art technology in the complex theatre wing. Throughout the project Nuvo's Project Manager and project team were responsive, proactive and professional. They are an organization that gets on with the project in a calm, hassle free and co-operative manner. They delivered well under a pressured program and with little fuss. It was clear that Nuvo had an excellent understanding of the complex hospital environment and had clear understanding of the complexities of theatre, cardiac protected and body area works. All throughout the project Nuvo understood the scope and delivered on it and also offered solutions whenever technical questions arose.

They are a company we would use routinely in a pressured program and where a complex technical solution is required. They worked closely with our team offering support and solutions at every juncture. Nuvo also had excellent administration with quick responses to any paperwork and any requests for information.

We recommend Nuvo for works in projects where a high degree of capability and professionalism is required.

George Tantotero
Project Manager
Construction Engineering (Aust.) Pty Ltd