Austin Health Testimonial

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I have engaged Nuvo Group for the past ten years in projects and maintenance roles in critical sites and specialist facilities and, in recent years, in my role as Services Engineer at Austin Hospital.

The Austin Hospital is one of Melbourne's major public hospitals across three major campuses. The Austin has over 500 beds at its main facility including all critical services, theatres, accident and emergency and trauma centres. Nuvo is a specialist electrical and technological contractor engaged across the Austin campuses.

The nature of critical hospital services is such that only specialist hospital skilled technicians can work in these specialist facilities. Nuvo operates a specialist's hospital team that has extensive understanding of the hospital environment including, critical service areas, body protected areas, cardiac protected and critical electrical services. Nuvo is "can do" highly professional and expert organisation that we have always found brings a high degree of technical specialty to hospital works.

I have used Nuvo on projects and on long term maintenance arrangements in all cases they have excelled. I would recommend Nuvo for all Hospital works both large and small and would be confident they would bring an ability to technically comply, meet budget, program and any specialist needs with a level of excellence.

Nuvo has been selected as a provider of services to the Austin due to its constant professionalism, high levels of technical specialist skills.

Ray George
Services Engineer
Austin Health