Electric Car Charging Solutions

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If solar energy was at one point a "nice addition" to save money, every day is more clear that it will become a necessity in every areas of our lives.

With the growing introduction of electric cars, the need to charge them in public spaces will certainly become a demand for any big city, and this could open the door to new possibilities.
One example is that all open space parking lots will easily be able to provide shade while capturing solar energy to recharge the same cars they are protecting from the sun. Another alternative is that all rooftops of public parking buildings will need to have their own solar farm to provide energy for their clients to re-charge their vehicles.

Whatever the case, it's quite possible that many open space areas will be transformed to covered parking spaces and this represents a huge opportunity for city planners and companies as Nuvo Group to plan accordingly, not only in terms of the energy requirements, installation and equipment, but also in terms of developing a new design that fulfill aesthetics and functionality.

Electric Car Tabs


Want to be a destination charging point, attract more customers and increase business revenue?
Be part of the selected group of establishments broadening their services for customers with electric cars.

Revenue from car charging to hit 2.9bn by 2023 with 40% of all cars being electric.

Increase demand and interest on electric vehicles and new eco-friendly technologies are pushing businesses to expand their services to meet customer’s needs and bring new clientele. Using EV charging points is as a way to attract customers, create revenue and provide convenience and competitive advantage, while driving new revenue streams.

Nuvo Group is a Tier One Electrical-Technology- Sustainability company offering financing solutions to help you make your projects a reality. We offer a total design and delivery solution as a leading electric car charger provider and installer.

E-Car Charging Business Benefits


Hospitality-focused EV network is expanding rapidly with more destination charging points all over Australia. This allows full-service hotels, resorts, entertainment venues and restaurants to directly market to and attract high­net-worth electric car owners. EV owners in general often craft their vacation and business trips around charging availability.
By hosting Electric Charging Connectors for your patrons, you place yourself prominently in the owners' view through the destination network map.

• Give employees an incentive to drive an EV by helping them save on petrol
• Advance your sustainability goals and improve corporate image
• Attract new customers who stay longer and spend more
•Enhance your sustainability programs and improve your image with customers
• Attract residents and visitors to local retail
•Drive revenue for your city and improve its image with residents and visitors alike.

Nuvo Group offers a set of products and solutions designed to facilitate the charge of vehicles that function with electric energy. Nuvo aims to provide user-friendly solutions for the charge of electric vehicles in different scenarios, such as urban streets, intercity roads and public or private car parks, for multiple or single users.

Our product portfolio includes different types of charging systems for all EV types and brands. We also offer innovative charging system in which the driver can manage the equipment autonomously with a proximity card that can be used either for access control or prepayment purposes.
All products have been tested and certified by the most relevant European and Japanese car manufacturers, with great results in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Interested in EV Charging Points?
Contact us and one of our project managers will help you to start the process: 1300 00 NUVO

EV Charging Products


These are the products and suppliers we are currently working with to provide you with a comprehensive solution.
Through Nuvo, you'll not only receive the products and installation, but we also provide public liability insurance, backup and technical support.
Additionally, we can assist you with the pro-forma agreement and its schedules to define pricing and details of agreed exclusive areas

For any questions and further information, please
Contact us: 1300 00 NUVO

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E-Cars Charger Grants

There is immediate government grants and highly beneficial support from key car electric suppliers such as Tesla to support facilities installing electric car chargers.

Right now we are able to provide very significant beneficial funding solutions around electric car charging points that includes full design, install, and maintenance.

Nuvo sets up rental agreements that allow very low monthly costs to the facility to own and operate electric car charging points.

Get ahead of the curve and attract customers to your business by offering electric car charging points with little or no cost to your business!