Service Contracts

Core Services List


  • Multiple solutions including cabling, installation, commissioning  and training  
  • Boardrooms, function rooms, lecture  theatres, clubs, classrooms and more  
  • Consultative and engineering services
  • General and preventative maintenance agreements
  • Design and construct services
  • Cat 6,7 and fibre solutions, accredited in most data systems
  • Communications contracting


Our service division is specialised in programmed and preventative maintenance contracts, daily operational control, facilities management, electrical and technology solutions.

24/7 business continuity requirements – no impact to operations; heritage-listed building works; hazardous materials such as asbestos; power shutdown and power supply infrastructure work.

Critical Works Plans

We have a process driven approach to risk minimization including our Critical Works Plan (CWP) methodology. We collaborate with all stakeholders, including the client, to develop a highly detailed methodology prior to work commencement. This allows us to capture all potential risk factors and plan contingencies in advance. Project delivery can then be confidently predicted and tightly controlled.

Engineering Focus
Our team is led by engineers. We understand our customer’s requirements and infrastructure completely before commencing work. More often than not, our work is won through our value added engineering submissions that clearly demonstrate our ability to innovate with engineering. This results in cost savings for our customer, well planned project delivery and an outcome that performs into the future.

We can also provide back-up or relief labour to assist with annual or sick leave with our own full-time employees. This normally falls into secondment for 4-8 week periods for 8 hours a day to address all hospital breakdown needs such as sterilizers, plumbing, general breakdowns and maintenance works as well as electrical works at a reduced rate based upon the tenure.

Nuvo Group holds long-term maintenance contracts with a variety of top clients who value partnering with an experienced and trusted maintenance provider. We work to optimise asset value and deliver improved maintenance processes and capability.

Our portfolio of support services facilitates preventative maintenance activities, major overhauls, modifications and major repairs. Nuvo Group works closely with clients to set performance targets and implement management and maintenance programs.

Our approach emphasises the maintenance of assets to improve facilities performance and generate long term savings.

We offer our clients advanced capabilities in:

  • Contractor management
  • Engineering support
  • Maintenance performance reporting
  • Materials planning
  • Outage/Shutdown and turnaround management
  • Planning, estimating and scheduling
  • Procurement and logistics