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Core Services List


  • Multiple solutions including cabling, installation, commissioning  and training  
  • Boardrooms, function rooms, lecture  theatres, clubs, classrooms and more  
  • Consultative and engineering services
  • General and preventative maintenance agreements
  • Design and construct services
  • Cat 6,7 and fibre solutions, accredited in most data systems
  • Communications contracting


Nuvo Group is a dynamic company dedicated to generating long-term returns for your business. This is why we see energy sustainability not only as a moral imperative, but also an economic opportunity, delivering a return to your bottom line.

Nuvo Commercial Solar Solutions – budget cuts are our specialty.

Nuvo Group can significantly reduce your operational expenditure and help you take control of your own energy budget. Our complete energy solutions can pay for themselves in as little as three years and will continue to perform with warranties and ongoing Nuvo Group maintenance. Nuvo Group is a trusted national provider of Solar Energy Solutions; dedicated for over 10 years to engineering medium to large-scale solar projects for business using our in-house engineers, project managers, operations division and Australia-wide installation team.


Financing your energy sustainability project with one of our many tailored options using Nuvo Project Wrap will conserve your business cash flow and can create a fully deductible operating expense.


Our customised Solar Generation and Maintenance Agreement can finance any manner of solar project, whether it be built on rooftops, over car parks or in free field spaces.

With energy prices continuing to rise, rethinking your energy generation by investing in a Nuvo solar solution, future-proofs your business by:

  • Capping high energy costs
  • Delivering a return on investment
  • Providing taxation benefits and
  • Earning valuable green credentials.

Product Agnostic Philosophy

Unbiased and independent advice.

This works perfectly when you need to make important decisions and don’t have enough time to compare available alternatives and identify the most appropriate technological solution for your business.

In these situations you might want someone like us to find the appropriate solutions that:

  • Minimise your energy waste
  • Optimise your existing infrastructure
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
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