What we Do

Core Services

Fit for Purpose

The core services offered by Nuvo Group are available to all divisions within the group and are employed as standalone services or in combination, depending on the demands of the projects commissioned.
Each service is carried out by specialised teams of qualified technicians who are experienced in working within the most demanding environments and exacting schedules.

Nuvo Group also has highly specialised divisions commissioned to carry out sophisticated electrical and data works in high-tech areas such as hospitals and health facilities, educational establishments, airports, gaming facilities, data centres, shopping complexes, defence facilities and industrial complexes.

Whether the commission is for new build construction sites, upgrades to existing facilities, maintenance contracts or crisis management, Nuvo Group has the resources to address any requirement.

Nuvo Group  has in-house engineering and design teams that support the operational teams in ensuring “fit for purpose” and efficient projects operating in a full design role where applicable or in partnership with the consultancy team.  The Nuvo team has high end capability in complex design and construct style projects working with clients that are seeking excellence in delivery.  
Nuvo has advanced product and service offerings in the maintenance divisions, providing the country's leading businesses a “whole of life” partnership across its facilities and buildings.

Nuvo boasts one of Australia’s  leading client portfolios and operates true, long-lasting strategic partnerships with companies that expect low risk, efficient and expert electrical and technology strategies that bring innovation and advanced delivery to their business.