Energy Management

Core Services List


  • Multiple solutions including cabling, installation, commissioning  and training  
  • Boardrooms, function rooms, lecture  theatres, clubs, classrooms and more  
  • Consultative and engineering services
  • General and preventative maintenance agreements
  • Design and construct services
  • Cat 6,7 and fibre solutions, accredited in most data systems
  • Communications contracting


The Nuvo Energy Measurement & Management System is hardware and software solution built on the latest generation, G4 wireless monitoring module, which can broadcast data and measure consumption on all utilities including water, gas and electricity.

The Nuvo system is a complete supervisory system and asset management tool.

Key features:

  • Provides visibility on current consumption of all energy sources
  • Drive changes in behaviour and accountability
  • Provides custom user dashboards for setting current and future KPIs
  • Creates simple views that resonate with non-technical audiences
  • Gives live, real-time data reporting and information capture
  • Programmable 24 Hour critical alert monitoring.