Amortised Solutions

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Core Services List


  • Multiple solutions including cabling, installation, commissioning  and training  
  • Boardrooms, function rooms, lecture  theatres, clubs, classrooms and more  
  • Consultative and engineering services
  • General and preventative maintenance agreements
  • Design and construct services
  • Cat 6,7 and fibre solutions, accredited in most data systems
  • Communications contracting


Nuvo Group offers a unique approach to developers, builders and end clients to remove the requirement for upfront capital costs. These costs are amortised over the life of the project or pre-agreed period, typically five to ten years.

Nuvo Amortised Solutions (NAS)

The builder, developer or end client does not need to pay Nuvo for the project until total completion or can pay over a 10-year period.

Nuvo partners with the project team, maintenance team or end client to shift costs from a capital outlay to an operating cost. This innovative approach allows clients, builders or operating maintenance teams to spread the cost of the works or project over the life of the project, rather than committing funds upfront.

The NAS program applies to all types of electrical, mechanical, sustainability and technology works of any project and maintenance works and is tailored to the clients, builders or maintenance teams’ preferred approach. The introduction of NAS into your facility or project will free up critical capital, increase momentum on projects and provide notable tax benefits.

The requirement to pay progress claims or pay for the project in the project period is negated and payments are spread over the facilities’ “whole of life”.

Additionally, Nuvo partners with builders, developers or maintenance teams to establish extensive on-site extended warranties, developed as part of the project negotiation, with key global manufacturers and funding strategy.

These warranties are routinely exclusive to Nuvo and far exceed current industry norms. The NAS model develops a total view of the project costs rather than just a defect postproject period.

Nuvo offers a seven to 10-year warranty on key electrical and technology infrastructure, unlike the standard one-year offered in the sector. This is a unique offering and allows clients to essentially negate their maintenance operating costs for as long as 10 years.