Nuvo Group Keeps Expanding its Engineering Team

Nuvo Group extends a warm welcome to its new employees Serkan Hasan and Emmanuel Astruc.

Serkan joins the sustainability team and Emmanuel the major projects team.
Nuvo Group keeps adding valuable resources to the team and introducing cutting edge technologies to provide clients with the best and innovative solutions in the market.

Serkan Hasan / Sustainability Engineer
Has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and a Master of Engineering (Sustainable Energy) with a focus on sustainable buildings and energy efficiency. He has conducted several research projects with RMIT University's Sustainable Building Innovation Laboratory and the Northlink Greenhouse and Energy program, where he created a standardised model to analyse building’s thermal and energy performance and conducted energy audits for global manufacturing facilities. Serkan has a deep understanding of renewable energy products and sustainability solutions within this industry.

Emmanuel Astruc /Electrical Engineer
Has several years of experience in various sectors of the commercial construction industry with a focus on electrical design, installation and documentation as well as general project management duties and in the electrical manufacturing industry where he designed, planned, controlled projects and ensured compliance with standards. Emmanuel has an Engineering (Electrical) degree as well as a (PMP accredited) Masters of Project Management specializing in Project Economics, Scheduling, Change and Risk Management. He has vast knowledge in computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment systems to produce project drawings (AutoCAD, REVIT, SolidWorks, Matlab) and technical specification documentation.

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