Raising the Bar in the Solar Industry

We are committed to raising the bar in the solar industry. Nuvo Group has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct – the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Part of this commitment is to provide a minimum five-year warranty on the whole of your solar system.
When buying solar this is a huge certainty for clients they are dealing with a company that has made every effort for a system to work properly and exceed their expectations.

As being a trusted supplier in the industry and a centered costumer company, we care about our clients, and for this reason we want to give our customers confidence that we supply quality products, comply with consumer protection laws and we back the operation of our systems well into the future. We implement solar industry best practices and we are at the forefront of technology and business ethics to provide the best service possible and most effective solutions available in the market. That's how we've earned our reputation as one of the leaders in this business.