Electric Car Charging Stations

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If solar energy was at one point a "nice addition" to save money, every day is more clear that it will become a necessity in every areas of our lives.

With the growing introduction of electric cars, the need to charge them in public spaces will certainly become a demand for any big city, and this could open the door to new possibilities.

One example is that all open space parking lots will easily be able to provide shade while capturing solar energy to recharge the same cars they are protecting from the sun.

Another alternative is that all rooftops of public parking buildings will need to have their own solar farm to provide energy for their clients to re-charge their vehicles.

Whatever the case, it's quite possible that many open space areas will be transformed to covered parking spaces and this represents a huge opportunity for city planners and companies as Nuvo Group to plan accordingly, not only in terms of the energy requirements, installation and equipment, but also in terms of developing a new design that fulfill aesthetics and functionality.

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